Q: Why is PPC important for Web design?

A: PPC allows businesses to have more control over there overall reach.

Having a better understanding of what works for your business is vital, PPC typically gives you faster results than SEO (organic)

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Cons of PPC

If done incorrectly PPC can be:

Expensive – A PPC campaign could take a huge chunk out of your wallet if done incorrectly.

Inaccurate – Make sure you’re targeting the right audience for your Services.

Pointless– Ask yourself; why am I doing PPC? Is this working for my business? Am I losing money?


Pros of PPC

Targeted– With PPC, you’re in control. You control how your budget is spent.

Fast– Generate instant sales for your business or increase brand awareness (typically faster than SEO)

Time efficient– Google will do all of the hard work for you! You simply watch the sales come in.


Here at Fivesixgroup Web Design Redditch & Birmingham, we offer a variety of different PPC packages to suit your needs.

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