Fivesixgroup Web Design Birmingham & Redditch answer some of your questions.

Q: Are SSL Certificates important?

Yes,  the annoying pop-up message ‘ Your connection is not private’ in essence is a key indicator as to whether or not a Website is SSL Enabled. Make sure you’re on the lookout for Websites that aren’t SSL enabled, as these may actually be filled with Viruses. Fivesixgroup aims to help clients with Web design in Redditch & Birmingham, let us help you.

As a result, Google will now penalise all Websites that aren’t compliant with this procedure, so make sure you’re on top of it.

Here at Fivesixgroup Web Design Birmingham & Redditch, we have key steps in place to ensure that all of our sites are SSL compliant with Google.

Q: Do SSL certificates affect SEO

Yes, having an SSL certificate shows Google that you’re a trustworthy Website.

Q: Why should you worry about SSL certification?

This is very easy to spot,  you check the URL of the Website.

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Q: Do your Websites come with SSL?

Absolutely, at Fivesixgroup Web Design Birmingham & Redditch, we’ve made sure that all of our sites come pre-installed with the latest SSL code.

Q: Do I need an SSL certificate?

Yes, you do. Not having an SSL certificate will most likely turn potential customers away! An SSL certificate gives your viewers more reassurance. Do you want to lose traffic? exactly! make your Website HTTPS enabled.

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It’s very easy to get an SSL certificate, plugins will now enforce this for you, you can buy them online. At Fivesixgroup Web design Birmingham & Redditch we’ll do all of this for you, our aim is to make your life a whole lot easier.

You can get in touch with us today and see how we can get your business up and running,

We’ll design you an exclusive Website with a full SSL secure certificate.

Thank you for reading.

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