Ensuring that your website has enough content is vital for any business starting up.

You want to be regularly posting content that attracts new visitors to your site. Don’t just write content for the sake of writing, make it engaging and true to your brand.

You can use free tools like Yoast SEO to optimise your content for the web.

Blogging for web design in redditch

You also want to include relevant keywords in your blog post, Google will give your website more recognition, which gives you more authority over competitors.

What can you do? 


  • Look at what your competitors are writing, do they have more content than you? 
  • Aim to be posting at least twice a week.
  • Optimise all web pages for blog content.
  • Include images with your keywords.

How can Fivesixgroup web design Redditch & Birmingham help? 

We can always give you advice and tips in regards to what content to include.

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